About semilineat low dimension Bessel PDEs

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Paper in peer-reviewed journals
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Keywords :
SDEs with distributional drift; Bessel processes; Kolmogorov equation; mild and weak solutions; self-adjoint operators; Friedrichs extension.
We prove existence and uniqueness of solutions of a semilinear PDE driven by a Bessel type generator $L^\delta$ with low dimension $0 < \delta < 1$. $L^\delta$ is a local operator, whose drift is the derivative of $x \mapsto \log (\vert x\vert)$: in particular it is a Schwartz distribution, which is not the derivative of a continuous function. The solutions are intended in a duality ("weak") sense with respect to state space $L^2(\R_+, d\mu),$ $\mu$ being an invariant measure for the Bessel semigroup.
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