Scattered wavefield in the stochastic homogenization regime

Josselin Garnier, Laure Giovangigli, Quentin Goepfert and 
Pierre Millien
septembre, 2023
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assets/images/icons/icon_arxiv.png 2309.07777
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Helmholtz equation; Quantitative stochastic homogenization; Transmission problem; Boundary layer;
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In the context of providing a mathematical framework for the propagation of ultrasound waves in a random multiscale medium, we consider the scattering of classical waves (modeled by a divergence form scalar Helmholtz equation) by a bounded object with a random composite micro-structure embedded in an unbounded homogeneous background medium. Using quantitative stochastic homogenization techniques, we provide asymptotic expansions of the scattered field in the background medium with respect to a scaling parameter describing the spatial random oscillations of the micro-structure. Introducing a boundary layer corrector to compensate the breakdown of stationarity assumptions at the boundary of the scattering medium, we prove quantitative 𝐿2- and 𝐻1- error estimates for the asymptotic first-order expansion. The theoretical results are supported by numerical experiments.
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