2-Stage Robust MILP with continuous recourse variables

Publication type:
Paper in peer-reviewed journals
Discrete Applied Mathematics, vol. 170, pp. 21-32
Présenté à EURO-INFORMS International Conference on Operational research, Roma, 2013.
Keywords :
Mixed integer linear programming, robust optimization
We solve a linear robust problem with mixed-integer first-stage variables and continuous second stage variables. We consider column wise uncertainty. We first focus on a problem with right hand-side uncertainty which satisfies a “full recourse property” and a specific definition of the uncertainty. We propose a solution based on a generation constraint algorithm. Then we give some generalizations of the approach: for left-hand side uncertainty and for uncertainty sets defined by a polytope. Finally we solve the problem when the “full recourse property” is not satisfied. http://cedric.cnam.fr/fichiers/art_2683.pdf
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