UMA softwares

Convmesh: C++ mesh files converter

Convmesh is a C++ mesh files converter managing msh format (see Gmsh), mel format (see Melina), amdba format and vtk format (see ParaView) for 1D, 2D and 3D meshes

Convmesh is developped by Éric Lunéville and Nicolas Kielbasiewicz

It takes in input a finite element mesh file (msh or mel format) and gives in output one of the four mesh files. Moreover, when you create a mel mesh file, you can apply some transformations such as cracking a domain.


ROC-HJ : a C++ library for Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) equations

The software ROC-HJ is a C++ library that implements a set of numerical methods for solving some Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) equations arising in optimal control theory. The library also contains some useful tools for analyzing the numerical solutions and aiming at designing the optimal control laws along with the corresponding optimal trajectories. The code can run for any dimension d ≥ 1 limited only by the machine capacity.


XLiFE++ : eXtended Library of Finite Elements in C++

XLiFE++ is the heir of 2 finite element softwares :

It is an extended finite element library developped in C++ by POems lab and IRMAR Lab and is part of the SIMPOSIUM European Project.